Over the past 25 years Linda Jordan has pursued a challenging and
demanding climb to become recognised as an expert in Makeup Artistry
for the Film and Television industry.

Building an incredibly diverse portfolio working on campaigns for
big brands such as Myer, Freedom Furniture, Darryl Lea and working
with celebrities, sports stars and musicians such as Chris Hemsworth,
Miranda Kerr, Ash Barty and Jonathon Thurston.

Linda is passionate about her work and describes her makeup style
as diverse; from accentuating natural beauty, to high end fashion,
sweaty, dirty and special effects – always adapting to the brief of the Director
and meeting the clients needs.

Linda effortlessly rises to the challenge of strict deadlines.
Her meticulous attention to detail, excellent colour perception, patience,
effective communication and ability to be a team player make her
an excellent addition to your next shoot.